(Big ass tortilla filled with delicious
combinations of Mexican/American cooking)

Chili con carne 149.00
Slow cooked brisket of glorious Trøndelag cattle marinated with Mexican spices. Served with rice, pickled onion, green lettuce, corn, sour cream, fresh coriander and the best red salsa you’ll ever taste.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Pork pastor 149.00
Delicious pork cooked AL PASTOR made with a marinade worth crossing the border for. Served with rice, pickled onion, green lettuce, pineapple, green salsa and guacamole so fresh it’s being made while you’re reading this.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Chicken fajitas 149.00
Yo, welcome to the safe zone kid, chicken grilled with paprika, onions, served with tomatoes, lime, mozzarella cheese, sour cream and salsa verde.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Chili sin carne 139.00
Sweet potatoes, bell peppers, beans, onions and chilli that makes non vegetarians rethink their life choices. Comes also with rice, pickled onion, green lettuce, corn, sour cream, fresh coriander and red salsa.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Lunch burrito 109.00
with coffee 119.00
Only from 11am – 3pm.
Omelette, vegetables, chorizo, cheese and salsa, nothing says “good morning” better than this.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites, Egg.

Hate gluten or just can’t have it?
Let us know and will serve your burrito in a bowl instead.


Nachos Tex 159.00
Homemade Nachos covered with chili con carne (BEEF), melted cheddar cheese, jalapeños, pico de gallo and red salsa, perfect combination for the Netflix and chill!
Allergener: Ag: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

If you ask nicely we can make them vegetarian.

The Mexican way 159.00
Nachos with the glorious PORK AL PASTOR, we add sour cream, red salsa, pickled onion, guacamole and fresh cilantro because we can.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.


Guacamole 29.00

Salsas 19.00

Xtra meat (100 grm in your dish) 69.00

Allergener: ask when you order.

The new kids on the block


Quesadilla 129.00

Two tortillas with melted cheese and brisket, a not so big dish, perfect for a not so hungry person. (Pico de gallo and nachos included).
Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Torta de Brisket 109.00

Mexican sandwich (homemade sourdough bread) filled with brisket chilli con carne, chili mayo, tomatoes, pickled onions, lettuce, chili butter, mozzarella, and guacamole.Order while they last.
Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Lunch torta 89.00
with coffee 99.00

If a sandwich and a Mexican had a baby it would be this. egg, ham and cheese, chili mayo, tomatoes, pickled onions and salsa on a Mexican bread.
Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites, Egg.

Buffalo wings
4stk 59.00
8stk 99.00
12stk 149.00

Cuz we make American food to. Chicken clubs or wings fried and served with white dip, honey Mexican buffalo and celery.
Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites, Egg.


Minichurros 69.00
Spanish fried dough cover with sugar and cinnamon, there’s nothing better.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Hershey Churros 79.00
We added Hershey chocolate period.
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.

Mexican Churros 79.00
We lied, we made the minichurros better by adding cajeta (Mexican caramel sauce)
Allergener: Lactose, Gluten, Sulphites.